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Ruth's Piano Service online scheduling makes it easy
for Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts
piano owners to schedule a high quality piano tuning.
Now you can schedule a piano tuning or repair at your
convenience, whenever you have a free moment.

Please call, email or schedule online for an appointment.

Ruth - Piano Action Repair

Thank you for choosing me for your piano service needs.

I offer piano tuning for $150.00 this includes a tuning and a
quick evaluation of your piano. If your piano hasn’t been tuned
within the past 6 months to 1 year then it may need a second tuning
at the same visit which is called a Pitch Raise for an additional fee.

After the evaluation I work with each client to determine how best
to go forward with any needed service for the piano.
We will discuss any repairs and decide which are urgent and which can wait
until time and funds are available.

Ruth's Piano Service offers many options; such as:
cleaning, action regulation, finish repair, installation of humidity control systems.

Call me if you need clarification about any service or fees.


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** We value our customers living on the island and are privileged to be a part
of your support network. We do incur extra fees to bring our business to you in the
way of parking and ferry service.

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