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As a Registered Piano Technician listed with the Piano Technician's Guild, and a graduate of Boston's North Bennet Street School, I provide complete piano servicing, tuning and care.

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Ruth Van Dine, RPT - 20 plus years
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One of my specialties is the repair of dings, chips, cuts and scratches in polyester finishes.


A properly maintained piano will give you & your family years of satisfaction. Most manufacturers recommend servicing the piano at least twice a year to keep it in good tune and properly regulated. It's especially important to service a new piano three to four times the first few years.

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I also provide and install a wide range of piano accessories such as Dampp-Chaser® humidity control systems, string covers, caster cups, polish and key cleaner, and lamps, etc.





Serving the greater Providence area, all of Rhode Island, including Block Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Call or anytime to setup an appointment.


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Certified trained installer of QRS Piano Player Systems.
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Certified trained installer of PianoDisc Player Systems.
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